Plus-size model Crystal (fluffyfatshionista)


I've known Crystal (her alias is fluffyfatshionista) since around 2015 I think when she first emailed me on Curvy Shrine. She is one of the most positive persons I have met in my life, which is a quality that's reflected in everything she does in her life.

Crystal's married to a wonderful man named George, and they recently had their first child.

If you'd ask her if she has done modeling work before then I think she'd say "No.", but the truth is that she has always been in front of the camera modeling, albeit for fun. I for one am glad she's taken it to the next level and started her own page ‘fluffyfatshionista’. In a short time she's accumulated hundreds of followers there, which doesn't surprise me; her positive - upbeat attitude shines through in every photo she publishes. As you can see below, Crystal is an absolute stunner and I'm sure you will agree with me!

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