Why do you promote obesity and/or an unhealthy lifestyle?

I believe that being obese/‘overweight’ (I put those quotes there because I always ask myself “Over what weight?”) does not automatically mean that a person is unhealthy; countless obese/‘overweight’ people are rarely ill and reach the age of 80 and/or higher. I don’t know what constitutes ‘health’ these days but if they are unhealthy then I presume they would also be ill oftentimes and not reach the age of 80 and older.

Well there are always exceptions so some obese/overweight people might actually get older.

If that is what you believe then your theory doesn’t make any sense to begin with, because you believe that any obese person automatically is unhealthy, while above/earlier you said that is actually not the case.

Are you saying that obese/overweight women are always healthy?

No, there are certainly obese/‘overweight’ people who are unhealthy and I acknowledge that certain fat tissue can be harmful to the body; the amount and location in the body are key factors however in an assessment of health. It is widely known that visceral fat tissue (i.e. fat around the vital organs) can pose health risks. On the other hand if the fat tissue is located in the subcutaneous area (i.e. the buttocks) it is different. In both these examples the terms obese/‘overweight’ are applicable, however one can pose a health risk while the other may not. For this reason we can not simply state that being obese/‘overweight’ automatically means bad health. That said, even though visceral fat may pose a health risk for one individual, it may not for another as this can greatly differ depending on an individual’s genetics, past and/or present medicin use that influences metabolism, and overall health. In my opinioon such an assessment can really only be made by a doctor or health practitioner, no other person can determine if an individual is unhealthy; to state they are should be considered slander because their words – damning as they may be to the person on the receiving end – are based on an assumption, they are not based on facts. Something is only factual when actual data is presented which reflects the state of the body, in this case on a per-person basis. Just because studies have ‘proven’ things for a certain group of individuals, does not mean they apply to each and every other individual.

So you think that fat women’s health doesn’t matter then?

It’s none of my business, nor of anyone else’s. I’m not overweight myself, but I have health issues too. Nobody focuses on my health issues, or on skinny people like me in general. So why focus on big people in general? Someone’s health is their business. Whether I say a big woman is unhealthy or I don’t say it is not going to make a difference in her actual health anyway, it is what it is, so why would I focus on that when it varies per individual? — Sure there is a heightened risk of health with increased BMI (Body Mass Index), but guess what there is a heightened risk of health with a plethora of other things as well, such as smoking, living in a densely populated area with smog, eating food with MSG, and the list goes on. The big elephant in the room (no pun intended) really is this: Why is there so much focus on fat women, or fat people in general? The answer is: Follow the money. There is a lot of money to be made in this health business (because that’s essentially what it is). If tomorrow there would be no more fat women the health industry would have a real big problem and despite there not being much fat people anymore you’d be surprised how much of an effort would be made to fatten people up again using the food industry (which already is the case and which in essence perpetuates the money-making machine). — I didn’t create Curvy Shrine to send those kinds of messages to women because they get enough of that already from other outlets, I don’t need to add to that. This is a body positive project. I don’t promote obesity either, I just tell women they can love themselves at any size their bodies naturally reached and if they need to lose weight for their health then that’s their business.

Last updated: January 10, 2018