Why do you objectify plus-size women and not focus more on their inner beauty?

This is a question I get a LOT. Let’s face the facts: the discrimination in society is against womanly curves, or if you rather just want to call it “fat”, either way which are physical attributes. I can’t help but wonder how someone is to go about challenging the status quo (i.e. going against the present-day beauty paradigm) by purely focusing on topics concerning a woman’s inner beauty or her non-physical traits. Those topics are important, but they are not and in my opinion should not have the focus when the body positive movement is about changing the way women look at their bodies. I have even had people tell me that whenever I would focus on those things in the occasions in which I have, that I wasn’t on point, that I wasn’t cutting to the heart of the matter which is the slander of the larger female form. That said, in various places both on this website and on Curvy Shrine’s YouTube channel I have talked about and regularly talk about non-physical traits of women.

Last updated: January 10, 2018