What I find beautiful about a plus-size woman

I find it beautiful to see how a plus-size woman carries her body, often after many years of ridicule.

And I find it beautiful that through these years of ridicule she matures into a confident woman.

I find it beautiful how she subtly crosses her legs, and turns her body a quarter, making certain that the stool she sits on in the cafe that appears to be just a little too small, is a comfortable fit.

I also find it beautiful that she is so firm, and yet so soft; that she is so heavy, but still comfortable; that she does not fall, if you push her by accident; and that she from bottom as well top view she depicts a imaginary landscape scattered with rolling hills, curvy creeks, and other striking features that playfully stimulate my imagination.

And the sweet cushions on her fingers, those unmistakable fluffy clouds which melt every admirer with yearn, are also beautiful.

Her eyes are beautiful, called ‘the gates to the soul’ for a reason, which can look at you firmly, if you embarrass her, but which can also be so soft and loving if you have captured her heart.

Her hair, soft as silk or stiff as a wire brush, it belongs to her, and even a bad hair day does not hold her back to show herself from her best angle; the proud, and beautiful, plus-size woman.

Her neck, a complex network of nerve endings wherein every square inch stimulates another part of her perception, that to me is also an expression of her being-beautiful.

Her arms, those perfectly rounded seat belts which safely hold you on a ride in her Plus-mobile, are oh so beautiful. And once they are back in resting position, hanging beside her body, they form a sort of secondary cleavages.

Her body shape subtly accentuated with lace figures that while she approaches defy a man’s imagination, I find beautiful.

I find everything beautiful about a plus-size woman. But no matter how many words I use here, I can not fulfill my only wish: To have all plus-size women see themselves through my eyes.

For me a plus-size woman is the epitome of femininity; not because she is more beautiful than a thin woman, because she is just as beautiful in my experience. But curves themselves are beautiful, are images of femininity, and both plus-size as well as thin women have them.

A plus-size woman for me is an absolute admiration, in a way that is almost indescribable. Sometimes, when I look at a plus-size woman, I feel like a clumsy young boy, inexperienced yet in the ways of approaching women. Not because it is taboo or, because she is ‘overweight’. I feel like a clumsy young boy because I do not know how I can express my feelings of admiration in my behavior, will stutter in a conversation with an unknown plus-size woman, become shy which I have not experienced since my childhood years, and because I have the feeling that all that beauty… is really not intended for me.

THAT is, what I find beautiful about a plus-size woman; that she can move me like that.

It’s a pity though, there are so many ladies who see the exact opposite, in others, but mostly in themselves. And too bad that I can not tell them “how incredibly BEAUTIFUL” they are…

Last updated: January 10, 2018