Types of people to avoid on plus-size and (SS)BBW dating sites

Let’s face it, dating is hard and the people you meet don’t always have your best interests at heart. On this page I mention types of people that you can better avoid so you can focus on the types of people you actually want to meet.

Lying about income level

As a man I’ve come across profiles from women who say things such as that they are “financially stable”, and/or have jobs as bankers, financers, and other high paying jobs at financial institutions, but when I looked at these profiles in more detail I started to notice things don’t quite check out. Based on letters I have received throughout the years from plus-size women and (SS)BBW ((Super-sized) Big Beautiful Woman) men also state these things in their profiles, so this isn’t just women doing this. Now I don’t mind if a person has a low income, but I do mind liars. And some people only wish to date people with a similar income level, for various reasons. Now whether you don’t want a liar, or want to know the truth about their income level, or both, you may want to look out for the following scenario.

People who lie about their income level often have things like this in their profile description:

I am not a premium/paying member of this site, if you want to talk, check my photos; if you’re smart you’ll figure it out. 😉

Then, looking at the photos I notice they have these descriptions: “someonesmart”, “at”, “y ah”, “oo”, and “dt com”. Clearly, this person’s email can be constructed from the profile as: someonesmart@yahoo.com (I just made that email address up for this example). Why is this a red flag? Several reasons:

  1. That person can’t be in finance, banking, investment, etc., because if they would they would earn enough money to be able to afford a premium account. People with this kind of income level usually also have certain standards and don’t exhibit this kind of trickery to cheat the system.
  2. Because that person cheats the system what tells me that they won’t do it elsewhere with other things?
  3. On top of the above this person also seems careless and naive about their personal information, by sharing their email address connected to a public profile that includes their pictures. Now they may have an email address specifically for dating but mind you many of the email addresses I’ve come across throughout my years on dating sites contained full names (first name and surname). While exceptions exist, someone who is in a responsible position in finance – especially in this day and age – isn’t careless about sharing personal information on a public website.

I have come across profiles like this numerous times, and whenever I do I instantly skip to the next profile. Do yourself a favor and avoid these types of people as well, if they lie about their income level you can be rest assured they will not hesitate to lie about other areas of their lives.

Last updated: January 10, 2018