Segregation of plus-size women and Fat Admirers

PLUSH the Nightclub visitors
PLUSH the Nightclub visitors

Some people – even in the plus-size community – are of the opinion that when plus-size women and their admirers attend events catered specifically for them, that they in fact separate themselves from society, promoting segregation, as opposed to being part of society.

While this is a moot point, there is a very good reason why both plus-size women and their admirers visit these events. In a nutshell, that reason is the opportunity to meet more plus-size women and admirers alike in one place, than one would meet at a generic event.

Personally, I think it is a good thing if plus-size women feel comfortable at any kind of event, but the reality is that many do not. For these women it is nice to know there are places where they can feel safe and not get any awkward looks from people.

That said, it is my – as well as other people’s – opinion that even in a perfect world where everyone would accept everyone without getting awkward or prejudiced looks from people, there would still be a demand for specialized events.

Let’s say that I love to read. The local grocery store has some magazines and books. While in a specialized bookstore the amount and diversity of books far surpasses that of a grocery store. The same applies to people visiting events for plus-size women. There are simply more plus-size women at specialized events than at a generic event.

Last updated: January 11, 2018