Plus-size and (SS)BBW meetups and meetup groups

For plus-size women and (SS)BBW ((Super-sized) Big Beautiful Woman) and their admirers who want to meet up there are meetup groups. The website is an effective way to search for these meetup groups. website

The website offers people a unique way to connect to one another with the intention to meet up. Its interface is straightforward and simple; you type in an area of interest and optionally enter location information such as a zip code or a city*.

*As with regular searches in search engines, less means more (i.e. the less information you enter, the more results you are likely to get).


Give it a try yourself, by entering ‘plus-size women’ (without the quotes) in the Search field* and optionally entering your area information, or an area where you would like to search. Then click the Search button to display the results.

*Better results may appear using the term ‘bbw’.

Search results

In my case, for the search terms ‘plus-size women’ 10 results were returned. In my case to view the search results a registered account at the website was required.

Contacting a meetup group

Once you have found a meetup group you like and/or (is) in your area, you can click the groups header or image thumbnail on the left to see more information about that group.

Group page

In the page that opens a detailed description of the group is shown. A menu at the top shows various links to areas of interest of this meetup group such as photos and a discussion forum. On the left side statistics are shown such as member count.

Contact information

Contact information is also found on that page. Note that for some groups registration at the site may be required.

Last updated: August 24, 2018