Plus-size and (SS)BBW events

BBW Cruise group
BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) Cruise group

Plus-size and (SS)BBW ((Super-sized) Big Beautiful Woman) events such as fashion shows, beauty contests and events with a specific theme have been around ever since people first came together in groups celebrating the female curve.

Sometimes owners of or organizers for plus-size and/or (SS)BBW nightclubs may also hold such events, either using their club, or another location. There are several events catering specifically for plus-size women and (SS)BBW.

LargeFriends.comThere are quite a few events specifically for plus-size women and (SS)BBW. They range from small get-togethers to large events with hundreds of attendees.

Have a look at the following plus-size women and (SS)BBW events:


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Last updated: August 24, 2018