Labels in the plus-size community

I like this blog‘s author, Amber (no surname). I’ve spoken to her once or twice a long time ago and generally like what she’s doing with her blog. But this article from her once again highlights the misconceptions of using labels in the plus-size and (SS)BBW community.

Not long ago I released an article to my website called ‘Segregation of plus-size women and Fat Admirers’, in which I talk about some of the reasons why people use these labels and visit the (niche) fat websites, BBW nightclubs, and what have you.

Labels are labels. People use them, and sometimes misuse them. I think we need to stop labeling the labels; what I mean is to stop being prejudiced about people’s choices to use these terms. It’s not that you suddenly want to stop being called Amber too now, is it?

The name Amber doesn’t define you just like the term FA (Fat Admirer) doesn’t define your boyfriend. But your boyfriend calls you Amber so you know who he is talking to when you guys are among a crowd of people. Likewise FA, BBW, etc., are simply references to people.

Last updated: January 10, 2018