Curvy Shrine website help page

This is the Curvy Shrine website help page, it serves as a quick how-to guide to the site’s functional parts and also as a design reference with background information.

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The Curvy Shrine website uses a separate page to navigate to the topics and sections it contains. This page can be accessed from any page using the navigation menu icon.

Navigation menu icon

To navigate’s articles, stories, interviews, etc., simply click or tap the Navigation menu icon in the top-left corner of the page (pictured below):


The icon looks similar to the three stripes menu (also called a ‘hamburger menu’) icon you see a lot on websites (especially when viewing those on mobile devices).


The shape of the stripes is the same as the shape of the scroll which you can partly see at the bottom of this page and throughout the site.

A scroll resembles an ancient way of storing writings; similarly the icon of three scrolls suggests a library of writings in articles, stories, interviews, and the like.

Navigation page

The Navigation page can be opened by clicking or tapping the navigation menu icon (see above). It displays eight icons in two categories: Topics and Sections (pictured below).


The topics icons (pictured below) point to articles, stories, interviews, etc., about the discrimination, admiration, community, and activism of womanly curves.


The sections icons (pictured below) point to information and news about the Curvy Shrine project, to links to other websites and resources, and to a page with contact information.

More info

Topics and sections are explained in detail on the About Curvy Shrine page.

Throughout the site you will encounter acronyms which you may not be familiar with, such as ‘BBW’, ‘SSBBW’, etc. On pages throughout the site where these acronyms are used its first instance is marked with a dashed line under it followed by its meaning in full. So if you visit a page but don’t start reading at the top and come across an acronym you don’t yet know its meaning of, just scroll up and look for the first instance of it marked with the dashed line. Example below:

BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)

Last updated: January 10, 2018