Fat Admirers, Fat Admiration, and Fat Fetishism

LargeFriends.comA Fat Admirer, or often called an “FA”, is a person (male or female) who is attracted to plus-size women (or men, but in Curvy Shrine the focus is on women only). This attraction is called Fat Admiration.

Many people mistakenly use the term Fat Fetishism for Fat Admiration. While it is certainly possible that an FA’s attraction to plus-size women is a ‘fetish’, it does not mean that every FA has by definition a Fat Fetishism. This is a commonly made error in judgment.

The reasons for people to call a person’s attraction to plus-size women a fetish is that FA’s are often either very secretive (also called Closet Fat Admirers) or very outspoken about their preference for these women. In both cases there is an extreme amount of attention being drawn in a certain direction, be it hiding, or be it in an outspokenness. A sexual obsession is often linked to such behavior, even though that defies logical thinking.

Unfortunately an outspoken FA may no longer be as vocal as they were before for fear of being attached the ‘fetish’ label. This is a real problem because there are far more Closet Fat Admirers than there are outspoken Fat Admirers. If you encounter people who use the ‘fetish’ label mistakenly, please remind them of that fact. Not only will outspoken FA’s stay outspoken, but the more FA’s speak out about their preference, the more plus-size women will grow their confidence and that is ultimately to the benefit of society as a whole.


The following is a list of people who are Fat Admirers. This list is very short at present but it is my intention to expand it over time. If you think a name that is not listed here should be included, please send me a message with the person’s name, and if possible their contact details.

Diamand Dave

Diamand Dave

Diamand Dave

Raised in the military, a Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and outspoken BBW admirer, Diamand Dave is a regular in the American BBW community. He often visits BBW parties and can be spotted on many photos especially on Facebook profiles of various people.

Like myself, Dave hasn’t always been experiencing acceptance from his friends and relatives regarding his preference for BBW. But it has made him into a better person, outspoken and proud of his preference.

On Dave’s website you can find more about him and what he stands for, as well as short stories and links to other related websites.

Read my interview with Diamand Dave.

Larry Dempsey

A drawer of plus-size women, Larry Dempsey has been drawing curves on his canvasses for a long time. Plus-size women have always played a role in both his work and free time. For his drawings he uses a variety of drawing styles which vary from abstract to realistic. His most recent work might be classified as near-real.

Updates to his most recent work are found on Larry’s Facebook page, where you may also find other news about him.

Read my interview with Larry Dempsey.

Last updated: August 24, 2018