Fat Activists, Fat Discrimination and Fat Activism

Fat Activists are people who strive to end discrimination of body size and weight (also called Fat Discrimination) in all its forms. They operate alone, in small organized groups, or as part of a larger organization. This is also referred to as Fat Activism.


The following is a list of people who are Fat Activists. If they are part of an organization it is also listed in parentheses. This list is very short at present but it is my intention to expand it over time. If you think a name that is not listed here should be included, please send me a message with the person’s name, and if possible their contact details.

Peggy Howell (NAAFA)

Peggy Howell NAAFA
Peggy Howell

Living with her sister and business partner Darliene in Las Vegas, Nevada, Peggy Howell owns and operates www.chunkEbusiness.com, the premier fat-friendly online art gallery and gift shop dedicated to the size acceptance community, and volunteers her time with NAAFA as their Public Relations Director.

Peggy’s been active in the SA (Size Awareness) community for years and she attends many of the BBW events throughout America, both seasonal and annual.

Find Peggy’s and Darliene’s wonderful BBW gifts on their website ChunkEBusiness.

Read my interview with Peggy Howell.

Last updated: January 10, 2018