Do you think a woman well over 450 lbs (204 Kg) is healthy?

I wouldn’t know if a woman well over 450 lbs woman is healthy or not, just like I wouldn’t know if a 1,000 pounds woman is healthy or not, nor if a 150 lbs woman is healthy or not. And if you or anyone else does know that without having seen any of that person’s health statistics as determined by a doctor or health practitioner then I’d like to know how. Unless you have seen any hard data then you or anyone else doesn’t have a point, plain and simple.

Let me ask you something: Is a 360 lbs woman healthy? No? What about a 359 lbs woman? Or 358 lbs woman? Eventually we’ll end up at 200 lbs. Where is the red line? Is it 325 lbs? Or 324 lbs? Or maybe 326 lbs? You and other people may not like my reasoning, but the fact of the matter is that every body (not ‘everybody’, mind the space) is different, and different people handle weight differently. Perhaps you say “Yeah but 450 lbs is really pushing it, as is 1,000.”, but then that whole discussion about it is pointless for reasons which I just stated. Moreover, the discussion is irrelevant for me, just like a fat woman’s toe nails that need to be clipped because they’re too long and get in the way of her wearing socks comfortably is irrelevant. Why would I focus on that? I don’t. So why would I focus on a woman’s health? Just because I promote body positivity? If I say they’re beautiful at their size then that doesn’t need to be accompanied by “But mind your health.”, because it’s none of my business, just like their long toe nails are none of my business.

Last updated: January 10, 2018